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The Only Way Out...

Is through.  So now we do the Friday, because its the way to get to Saturday.


Also, my REVIEWS are starting to show up on my BookLikes shelves!! Ooooh, I'm so happy to see them again! 


Its funny, when I pulled my library and profile off Goodreads I pretty much stopped writing reviews.  Still reading, but not reviewing.   But when I saw Excession - which was the book I was reading when I ditched - show up on my currently reading I realized its been nearly six months SIX MONTHS!!! since I reviewed a book.  And I miss it.  I really do.  So I'm happy to have gotten the impetus, finally, to clamber back on the horse.


Sometimes the only way out is through.  Whether its a Friday or a website relationship(snort) that isn't really working any more.