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Miles in Love (Vorkosigan Omnibus, #6)

Miles in Love (Vorkosigan Omnibus, #6) - Lois McMaster Bujold Caveat here, this is an omnibus volume, containing Komarr, A Civil Campaign, and the novella Winterfair Gifts. I've already read Komarr and a Civil Campaign, in fact A Civil Campaign was the first book I read by Lois McMaster Bujold, after which I gleefully tore through her long and wonderful bibliography feeling much like a ten year old who'd just been given an ice cream truck and a spoon.

So I got hold of this one just to read Winterfair Gifts, which is a charming novella about a budding romance between two of the guests at Miles and Ekaterin's wedding. Bonus, there was also an afterword by the author talking a little about her sources and ideas for the two novels and the genesis of the novella. All good stuff, but I want a new NOVEL please. Sorry, channeling the kid with the empty ice cream truck and spoon for a moment.