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The Dragon Waiting - John M. Ford It was an engrossing story and I liked it. Vampires, wizards, Plantagenets, what's not to like? Ford knows a lot about the history of the late middle ages, and it shows - this alternate history is well grounded in real history. However the novel has an oblique style that I found a bit frustrating. Major parts of the story seem to take place essentially off stage.

He would lead you right up to some happening; a knife is approaching the character and then, pphhmmmff, you are somewhere else with some other character who is having lunch. A couple chapters later the character who was being approached with a knife shows up with a bandage on. Nobody really discusses what happened. A character is fleeing through the forest, a shot rings out, zip, you're at the lake with a different character. Later the forest guy shows up with a limp. A character has a secret. Three chapters later everyone knows the secret. How? I dunno.

A couple times I actually checked the pagination to see if maybe there were some pages missing or I'd had some sort of memory lapse. So I found that odd and a little irritating. Kind of like when you were a kid and the grown ups wouldn't tell you what was going on so you had to guess based on observation.