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Common Threads (Chapel Hollow)

Common Threads (Chapel Hollow) - Nina Kiriki Hoffman,  P.C. Hodgell Really enjoyed this. Its the novel, The Thread that Binds the Bones (which is out of print) and several short stories most of which were only printed in chapbooks. Then this binding itself is out of print. So - hard to find. The Thread that Binds was great, I like Nina Kiriki Hoffman's prose a lot it is somehow both grounded and strange at the same time, a perfect fit for supernatural tales. I also really appreciate how her characters can be really awful and still be human and still be part of a family and a community. I don't mean in the oh dear Uncle Harry had a little too much punch and piddled in the backyard isn't it cute sense, I mean real betrayals, real harm, yet neither the evil nor the humanity is minimized. Her moral world is not simplistic and I appreciate that very much. The short stories contained in this volume are some of them very short, really vignettes or sketches, but I liked learning more about Chapel Hollow, and I kind of liked the effect of just flicking into an afternoon here or a morning there out of a longer and more complex history.