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Summer Knight  - James Marsters, Jim Butcher Another entry in the Dresden series of fun swashbuckling paranormal pot boilers. Once more Harry wades into the fray against an overwhelming sea of assorted monsters determined to seduce and/or kill and/or manipulate him and gets the crap beat out of him for many pages until - armed only with sarcasm, pluck and native ability he once again survives to fight another day.

Its formulaic, but its good formulaic. You know what you are getting and it doesn't disappoint. I frequently want to bang Harry's head hard against the nearest flat surface for the incessant white knighting. Fortunately some random baddie generally comes along and throws him out a window or runs over him with a truck and then I feel better.

I'm listening to these on audio, they're about perfect for listening while driving or working on projects because they're fun and exciting but don't demand all your attention. I really enjoy James Marster's narration too. The various characters and voices are great - I particularly adore the way he reads Bob the Skull.