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Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine This review applies to the audio version. Well I like the story, I like most of Gail Carson Levine's stuff and it did get me through the kitchen cleaning project. But I didn't love this audio version. It wasn't unbearable, just not great. Eden Riegel narrates and sounds about 13, although I believe she's in her twenties. Which was mostly okay for Ella, but not when the trolls and ogres and evil stepmothers and kings all sounded like thirteen year old girls too. I don't know, maybe younger listeners would like that the narrator sounds so young, but for me it was distracting. Particularly because she tended to go into an overpronounced and stilted sort of fake English accent when she was reading some of the older characters. Also the production included background music, but only part of the time, at what the producers clearly felt were particularly eventful or emotional moments which was again more of a distraction than an asset, I felt like they were telling me how to react instead of just letting the story carry its own weight. Like I say, it wasn't unlistenable, but definitely not my favorite.