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City - Clifford D. Simak I had read this many years ago, and vaguely remembered liking it quite a bit. On this go round I decided to listen to it as an audio book, because I had a bunch of stuff to do that wasn't compatible with reading. And I had read it before after all. Not sure how successful that was.

I didn't really enjoy the narrator, he kind of overpronounced words which was a little irritating. And put emphasis where I would not have put emphasis, and made people sound more earnest than I would have thought they were being. I'm still trying to unwind whether I didn't like it as well this time because of the format, or because I just didn't like it as well.

One issue for me was that since the stories were originally published individually in magazines, each story had to cover some back story because there was no knowing if the reader had seen the previous one. So I felt like we kept covering the same ground over and over. Apparently when I read I skim through that stuff with less attention, but being read to I couldn't mentally edit as easily.

I do like Simak though. I just think I like him better when he's being funny.