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An Alien Heat (Dancers at the End of Time 1) - Michael Moorcock This almost got four stars. I had just escaped from an endless lame overblown self indulgent tome of great vapidity. This was a near perfect palate cleanser. For the whole day and a half it took me to read I was giddy with glee over Moorcock's ability to actually tell a story concisely and with humor! Incidents! Characters! Scenery! Its not six hundred pages long! Things actually happen! What? You can make me see Jerek Carnelian and the Duke of Queens and the Eternal Concubine in just a few sentences? Amazing! Exhilarating!!

When I came down off the high, I realized it may have borrowed some glamour from just not being as awful as what had come before. So deducting for the borrowed glamor, I come down on liked it, but not loved it. Not that this isn't fun. It is fun. But for me the hijinks are just a little bit labored. It made me smile, but it didn't actually make me laugh. Plus it telegraphs that there will be a sequel, and I'm not a huge fan of that particular maneuver.

Still, well done Mr. Moorcock, well done. I am grateful that you don't think you are too important and full of deep existential angst to deign to entertain your readers.