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A Foreign Affair - Caro Peacock Light, fun, quite readable murder mystery?? thriller?? set at the very beginning of Queen Victoria's reign. I liked the heroine and many of the other characters a lot, they were people I enjoyed spending time with, even the nasty ones were fun to read about. I think characterization may be this author's strength.

The mystery didn't really work except as an excuse for Liberty Lane to have adventures. She didn't so much discover solutions as stumble onto them, or have them explained by other characters. But I enjoyed the adventures and the places she went in pursuit of them.

I also had some difficulty reading this as really belonging to the beginning of Victoria's reign. For a number of small reasons - clothes, attitudes, decor, slang it really felt a lot more late Edwardian than early Victorian.

So I can't recommend it without some qualifications, but I did enjoy it and will keep an eye out for others by the same author.