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Parable of the Sower - Octavia E. Butler I may be in some danger of becoming a ravening Octavia Butler fangirl. There is something about her prose, her characters and her world view that just resonates with me like two singing bowls calling to one another. I love the clarity of her prose, the bone deep pragmatism of her characters, the way that community is always a part of the equation no matter how difficult the situation becomes, oh I could go on ad nauseum. It just works for me.

As other reviewers have said, this is a post global warming California where the US is falling apart under the pressure, and one teenage girl sets out to survive and try to pull something together. Very bad things happen. Beware. If you are easily shocked or horrified this one is going to upset you. Post apocalyptic stories about teenagers not exactly an underserved literary market either. None the less I highly highly recommend it.