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All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation
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Me, Myself and Why? - MaryJanice Davidson Fluffy, comedic, a little bit dark and not at all demanding romantic comedy about a zany FBI agent with multiple personalities chasing a serial killer and a cute guy who runs a bakery. That description right there should tell you whether or not the book is going to work for you. If you tend to take things seriously and be offended by people who don't, run. Run far far away.

This book is absurd but it knows its absurd and isn't pretending to be anything else. The premise of the main character having multiples, some of whom are violent, but somehow never quite violent enough to hurt anyone we are supposed to like is nonsensical, and the switching between different personalities ends up making the book a little disjointed and hard to keep track of. But its all handled with a light touch and in good fun.