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Ammonite - Nicola Griffith I really enjoyed this. One of the several reasons I enjoyed it is, as other reviewers here have also noted, that although the planet in this story is a planet of all women, its not a planet of all cliches about women. The people in this tale are first and primarily people, not gender caricatures, and I appreciate that quite a lot.

Another thing I enjoy very much is the main character. Although quite a few reviewers said they found it difficult to like or connect with her, I liked her very much. The physicality and sensuality with which she experiences the world, the way she feels the wind and smells the scents and hears the sounds and tastes the salt of the ocean on her lips, that I relate to. The discipline with which she accepts reversals and difficulties, that I aspire to. So I feel at home with her and she's a good guide for me into this strange world.

The world itself is a pretty fascinating place as well and her quest within it is not a quest for a sword or a hidden treasure or a lost princess. Its a quest for the understanding to find her right place and her right work in the world. So just as I feel at home with the character, I feel right on board with her quest as well. Which makes for happy reading for this particular individual.