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Wild Magic - Tamora Pierce When I'm dog tired and distracted, this is my kind of escapist fiction. Sometimes you just had a long week. You met all the obligations on the list and for some reason it was a long list, and you're fighting some sort of a minor virus and mostly winning, and those new shoes are needing to break in a little more than you thought so now your feet hurt a bit and all the batteries in all the battery operated things chose now to run out, and apparently the drivers had a bad case of Friday afternoon lunacy and were pulling out in front of you and stopping for no damn reason and then honking at you as if it were your fault, and there's no damn milk in the fridge!!! and so it goes. You are just a bit worn and a bit ready to be in a big soft chair with a nice cold drink and something to read that isn't going to be all that demanding because you've had enough demands just now thank you very much. But at the same time, please don't insult my intelligence. Please don't be mean spirited and stupid and tawdry. Ahhh Tamora Pierce, welcome to my tension headache, and thank you very much.