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Firebirds Soaring: An Anthology of Original Speculative Fiction - Jane Yolen;Kara Dalkey;Sherwood Smith;Elizabeth Wein;Nancy Springer;Laurel Winter;Nina Kiriki Hoffman;Louise Marley;Nick O'Donohoe I really like Sharyn November, the editor of these anthologies. I will take her advice on which authors to check out any time. Plus this one has a novella by Nina Kiriki Hoffman in the center - so how about that for some creamy goodness in the middle?

The way I feel about an anthology is I don't have to absolutely love everything in it to love the anthology. For me anthologies are a way to sample new authors. If its just stuff by authors that I already like, and know that I like well that's lovely, sure. But if I find somebody new that I'm excited about at the price of reading some stuff by others who are good but don't thrill me, I feel that's actually better somehow.

By that measure, the Firebirds anthologies have been great for me. More from Sharyn November anytime, please!