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The King's Peace (The King's Peace, Book 1) - Jo Walton People who know me know I'm a pretty big fan of Jo Walton. They also know I'm not much of a fan of heroic fantasy. So what happens when Jo Walton writes heroic fantasy? Sadly, the Jo-ness wasn't strong enough to overcome my general dislike of novels where an enormous cast of characters, far too many of whom have similar names, ride back and forth across a pre industrial landscape wih spears and swords engaging in skirmishes and talking a lot about whose loyalty is owed to whom for the sake of the honor of the father of this other guy who has sworn himself to the white tree of someplace else.

However, if passages like this:
Garah and Glynn and Galba were all riding down on Marwen and Mordol when the red cloak came out of the forest with Murien and Marchal to bring news that Urdo had fought with Uthbad One Hand and so Gwain was fled to Masarn.

are your thing, this is quite a good one of its sort.