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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins This was so engaging! In a dystopian future a girl from an impoverished region tries to survive the Hunger Games - a televised, government sponsored survival contest for teens which doesn't end until there is only one person left alive. This is very well written; clear, engaging prose, terrific draw you in and draw you along pacing and I really liked the characters too.

I also found the emotional complexity of their situation extremely absorbing. The characters are justifiably angry with the powers that be; who are basically turning a bunch of kids against one another and sending them to their deaths as an object lesson to their parents. "We can kill your kids any time we feel like it, so keep your heads down, do as you're told and be grateful it isn't worse."

At the same time the participants want to survive, to win, and if they show their anger too openly or just go into a teen pout - then you can bet there's going to be an "unfortunate" accident. They feel a natural alliance with the other teens also stuck in this horrible situation, but who can you trust when you know survival requires turning on the other participants in the game?

The author does a great job of navigating her characters through this maze of motivations, while still keeping the story moving compulsively along.