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Cold Sassy Tree (MP3 Book) - Olive Ann Burns, Tom Parker I listened to the audio version, and I thought the narrator was terrific. I don't know if I would have found the dialect annoying if I'd read the text version, apparently its written out - idn for isn't, wadn for wasn't, I don't know if that would have worked on the page or not but as an audio book it worked quite well.

There are some very vivid characters in this story, on characterization its at least a four star. There are also some lively and amusing incidents, and I think its supposed to be an affectionate portrayal of the foibles and sweetness of a small rural town. I just saw way more foible than sweetness. Lots and lots of casual bigotry, cruelty, ignorance, snobbery and accquisitiveness, not really redeemed in most of the the characters by anything much except a sort of clannish loyalty to one another.

I understand that it was an intentional plot device, to tell the story of Rucker Blakeslee and his new wife through the eyes of his grandson, but it really started to take a toll on my feelings toward the narrator after awhile. I got more than a little tired of Will Tweedy sneaking around peeking through curtains and hiding behind bushes and listening at doors and started to feel like he was kind of a nasty little sneak. Especially since he was sexually attracted to Love himself, that added a whole new layer of creepy to his listening at doors while his grandfather tried to get her to sleep with him. After awhile it was just... Eww.

I ended up feeling kind of sorry for the whole pack of them, and wanting to send Flora Poste to help them out once she gets done sorting out Cold Comfort Farm.

All of that said, its still a fun listen, and there are definitely worse books you could take on a road trip.