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The New Moon's Arms - Nalo Hopkinson Absolutely marvelous. Just loved it. I don't think its going to be everybody's cup of tea, in fact I'm quite sure it isn't. For one thing its magical realism, so if you are opposed to unexplained occurances intruding into an otherwise real world narrative, you aren't gonna like it. For another, be warned, the protagonist is not entirely likeable, and in fact makes some pretty bigoted statements about homosexuality. Other characters aggressively challenge her on it, and the situation is emotionally complicated, but still. If that's really going to bother you, this may not be your novel.

However, I just adored it. I love the setting, the writing, the wonderfully distinctive characterizations. I also love, love, love that Hopkinson has the guts to write a female over 50 who is willful and passionate and foolish and ferocious and sexual and funny and sometimes quite blatantly, just plain wrong. I'm so tired of colorless ineffectual middle aged women in fiction. Calamity Lambkin may be many things, but colorless is definitely not one of them!