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The Glass Harmonica - Louise Marley This was an odd one. Its the story of two women, both musicians, one in the future and one in the past. In the near future Erin is a virtuoso and a child prodigy who plays the glass harmonica, an instrument from the 1700's that has recently come back into fashion. In the 1700's Eileesh is an Irish girl from the slums who is hired by Ben Franklin to learn to play and help him perfect his invention, the glass harmonica. Each of the women occasionally sees an apparition of the other, although they never actually communicate, just see visions of one another.

I liked the parts but it was hard to see how they fit together. It was like two separate novellas sort of loosely connected by these little ghost story interludes. Eileesh's story was pretty good historical fiction, Erin's story was a sort of romance with science fictiony overtones - the two parts were quite different. And although there were themes and echoes and similarities, they weren't strong enough to pull the thing together into a whole that was greater than the sum of its parts.

It remained sort of fragmented. Although the fragments were nice. You could do a whole lot worse if you were looking for something to read. But somehow, it just never quite... gells.