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The Innamorati - Midori Snyder Liked it, didn't love it. Maybe I'll come back and bump it up a star later, I dunno. I'm being honest about where I am with it right now. I'm sad because I really enjoyed The Flight of Michael McBride and Hannah's Garden. But whatever it was that clicked for me with those titles, I didn't find it here.

There were a lot of fun and interesting elements here, the Commedia del Arte, a lava monster, Bacchus and the maenads running amok in a giant shapeshifting labyrinth - it could have worked. But for me it just, ... didn't. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood.

I actually enoyed the first 200 pages and was kind of into it, but then I ground to a halt. I just felt like it was going around and around in circles covering the same ground again and again and not in a good way. Also I wanted the characters to stop yelling at one another and lecturing each other about their personal failings. Honestly, toward the end I got so bored I started skimming.

But it won a Mythopoeic Award and got great reviews so don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Maybe I was just in a grumpy head space or something.