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Wake  - Robert J. Sawyer There's some really interesting speculation in this book about the nature of consciousness and intelligence. The central story about the girl blind from birth gaining sight is certainly full of all sorts of potential. And its not a bad story. Worth reading.

But in the end I found it a little bit thin and a little bit truncated. Three story lines may be too many for a book of this length because I felt like they all got short shrift to some degree. As others have pointed out, the story about the chimpanzee (although I liked it) is only very loosely connected to the other two - and none of the three stories actually reaches resolution. So although there's a lot here that is interesting, it reads more like a first installment - like there's a big sign at the end that says tune in next time to find out what happens to our intrepid crew. Which I don't love.

Also, although the characters are well drawn, at times they feel to me like they are present in the story primarily to explain things to the reader - to tell us how a bonobo differs from a common chimpanzee, or how a search engine works, or what Annie Sullivan taught Helen Keller. All of which is pretty interesting information, but as dialogue, it doesn't feel all that realistic. And it made the characters feel like mouthpieces rather than people with their own agendas.

So in the end, although I liked parts of this - it was just too didactic for me to love.