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The Wee Free Men - Terry Pratchett Wow this is terrific. Kudos to Stephen Player for his work on this illustrated version. It is such fun! The feegles run around the edges of the page, jump on words or dangle from the end of a line. There's page where the text talks about Tiffany seeing her face in the water, and what looks like a faint reflection of her face runs under the text on that page. There are documents and letters that are mentioned in the text and now they appear on the facing page, complete with handwriting on yellowed paper, or fancy illustrated capitals in the decrees.

I love Player's take on what Tiffany looks like, she's just the right combination of tough and sweet and bratty. You can see how she might scare a pictsie but you still want to root for her. And the creatures of fairie are so weird and scary and disturbing. I got this from the library and now I want a copy for myself!