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The Alchemyst - Michael Scott, Erik Singer Meh. It never grabbed me. I think its just not my style. The narrator kept taking over to explain to me what the characters were thinking or feeling. Lots of "he would never tell her, but he was actually afraid of rabbits, which was why he had not gotten out of the car when the rabbits arrived," or "he remembered the first time they met," often followed by several pages of flashback explaining why he was afraid or what happened when they met. Also a lot of jumping back and forth between characters in different locations.

It really broke up the narrative, to the point where I had a hard time staying engaged with it, because I would just get interested in what was going on and then we'd be having a flashback or be off to visit someone else, and I'd have to wait for the next chapter to find out how the things I had just got interested in turned out.

I started to imagine the characters standing around like statues staring in different directions while a voice over narrated the various flashbacks and inner dialogues. Aaand then they move again. But wait, meanwhile across town...

There were things here that were clever and interesting but in the end I just couldn't stay connected.