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A Curse Dark As Gold - Elizabeth C. Bunce Well there was enough good stuff in here that I will keep an eye out for more by the same author. This author has a gift for description, she often conjured an image of a place or person without bogging down in so much detail that it pulled you out of the action. The characters were interesting and their situations were productive of drama.

But unfortunately the book as a whole was a little uneven. Sometimes the story would move along quickly and then it would suddenly slow to almost a halt for part of a chapter, then pick back up again. Almost as if two different people were writing - with completely different senses of pacing. Then, characters would be inconsistent. Really slow on the uptake one week and then just a little while later they'd be figuring things out like they were Sherlock Holmes. Or one character would be afraid of another, or angry with another, and then a few pages later they would show no sign of the previous emotion.

It wasn't awful, just little problems, but they were impediments that held the book back from being as good as it could have been. There were times I felt like it was turning into something really great, but then it just wouldn't quite get there. Maybe the next one will.