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The Giver - Lois Lowry I've been dithering for awhile about writing a review of this because a lot of my GR friends really liked it. I can see why, there are a lot of good things here. I was a little confused about why I didn't like it better myself honestly, in theory it should be a really good fit for me. Well written YA distopian parable about the importance of living a full life and not trying to avoid hard lessons. How is this not hitting on all cylinders with me?

But in the end it didn't. Another GR friend has this on her "appreciated but not enjoyed" shelf. I think that's where I am with it. I see what's good about it but seeing whats good just makes me like it, not love it. Somehow I don't connect with the characters fully. I find them just a little too earnest, just a little too humorless. I want a giant space goat to suddenly appear and make them dance. Or something. Something to moderate the Pilgrims Progressiness.

However, I'm pretty sure its a very individual reaction, so I'd recommend you give the book a try and see how you go.