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A Plague of Angels - Diana Gabaldon, P.F. Chisholm In this installment Sir Robert is called home to London by his father to search for his missing brother, who has perhaps fallen with bad company, and must be searched for amidst a nest of players, including that weedy little balding guy, Shakespeare and an annoyingly arrogant atheistical Marlow who is going to get everybody arrested if he doesn't spout heresy a little more quietly!!

Elizabethan London makes a terrific setting for this fourth book, from filthy back alleys full of pickpockets to noble banqueting rooms full of backstabbing courtiers. Sergeant Dodd's bemusement at the antics of the mad Southrons and his offers to fight any three of them together, (just to keep things fair) kept me chuckling.

I'm sorry this series is over, I really enjoyed it. Hey Patricia Finney, please write some more Robert Carey mysteries!!??