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Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell I probably would have enjoyed this more if I'd read a few reviews before hand and known about the structure. Its a series of nesting box novellas, the first one starts and then stops mid way, replaced by a second one which also stops midway, and so on. The last in line continues through to the end and then each of the previous stories get finished in reverse order.

If I'd known up front what was happening I would have been more patient with having to wait. As it was I felt like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the football away at the last minute. Except I was always irritated by Charlie Brown, because after the second time, why do you let her hold the football any more?

I kind of felt the author didn't deserve to hold the football until I talked to some friends who told me to stick with it, all would be resolved in the end. After which I was more able to like the book, some of the novellas were very interesting.