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In Dark Water - Mermer Blakeslee I met the author of this book at a reading more than a year ago, and liked what I heard there so I bought a copy of this one. Then it languished on my shelves for a long time because, I don't know why, because I kept wanting to read something more silly or fun, and I thought this was going to be sad. I am sorry I left it so long because it was really enjoyable.

Blakeslee has a great ear for the speech patterns of the people of rural New York, and her depiction of the child at the center of the story seems pitch perfect to me. Simple without being simplistic, direct but not shallow. She also has a great sense of place. I really enjoy stories like this one which are grounded in a landscape that feels real, with buildings and trees and animals that are of a particular climate and way of life.

Sorry I left this on the shelf so long. Sometimes literary fiction puts me off and I need to get past it.