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A Surfeit of Guns (Sir Robert Carey Mysteries) - P. F. Chisholm The quality of this series remains consistently high. Historically interesting and accurate, and also just plain fun. The other thing I appreciate enormously about this series is the wonderful women. Its a challenge to write well about women in the past. Some writers make them anachronistically feminist, others make them uninterestingly spineless. PF Chisholm instead gives me strong women who are still very much of their time.

This third installment adds a layer of emotional depth as Carey comes to understand that being openly attentive to the (married)woman he's in love with is putting her at physical risk from her jealous husband. There's not much of anything he can do about it. Under the laws of the time her husband has every right to beat her, so now he has to decide - does he continue to pursue her and put her in danger? Carey has always been a flirt and a gallant, and isn't accustomed to concern himself much with the fallout from his attentions. But he loves and admires this woman.