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The Sugar Queen - Sarah Addison Allen I was on a roll of four star books for awhile there, but I guess it had to end sometime. There's nothing actually wrong with this book, its a reasonably charming small romance with some hints of southern gothic and magical realism. A young woman lives a dull life waiting on her elderly mother, the social queen of a small North Carolina town, until a few supernatural interventions knock her out of her rut and she and many of the other people she interacts with start making some more satisfying choices.

As I say, not a bad book, just not a great one. I like the characters well enough, and the story is fine but there isn't any great depth or passion here. Everyone has money and/or a good job, a reasonable education and some good friends and family - they just needed to clear up some misunderstandings. So, some stuck people decide to stop doing the things that made them get stuck - everybody pairs up and lives happily ever after in their nice, unexceptional safe world.

There are worse ways to pass a few hours. But, at least for me, its not really magical.