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All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation
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A Famine of Horses - P.F. Chisholm Wonderfully adventurous historical mystery, set among the Border Reivers in the reign of Elizabeth I. Sir Robert Carey, a courtier of the Virgin Queen returns to the Scots borderlands where he was raised to take a position as a Deputy Warden for his not terribly bright but terribly well connected brother in law. A terrific collection of characters help or hinder Sir Robert in trying to discover why Jock of the Peartree and his men are stealing, buying, borrowing all the horses in the north and why Jock's son Sweetmilk has been found dead in a copse.

This was such fun! I just so enjoy books where the history is accurate and interesting but the story doesn't bog down in it. I will be looking out for the rest of this series with anticipation.