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Flora Segunda - Ysabeau S. Wilce Sometimes a book is just a perfect fit for a particular mood, personality, or time. All of which is to say that others may not love this book quite as much as I did, because some of this is serendipity of fit. Its August, the hot weather has finally arrived, I've been working on some really boring reports where I have to be focused and practical and pay attention to mind numbing levels of detail. I sort of hate mind numbing levels of detail, it makes me aggressively flippant. So Flora Segunda and a cold drink were precisely what I needed at this juncture.

Its funny, its intricate, its just a little bit silly. It takes me to a completely different place but it doesn't insult my intelligence in so doing. Plus there are magical butlers!!

None the less, even if you aren't in my particular place I think its still a book well worth reading. As others have said its a nice change that the fantasy elements in this story are drawn from Californian, spanish and precolumbian elements. Flora is a delightful heroine, funny and flawed and brave. I really enjoyed and look forward to reading more about the way magic works in this world.