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Night Watch - Andrew Bromfield, Sergei Lukyanenko I dunno, might come back and give it a fourth star, might not. Really really liked the depiction of modern Moscow, the characters of the people in both Watches. I was amused by how much it felt like a police procedural in places - complaints about not having the right boots on to stand around in the wet waiting for the dang vampire to show up already really made me laugh.

The structure of the book was clever too, the way it looped around through the same places and similar plot points, each time advancing your understanding of the situation a little further. That was fun.

Some of Anton's endless philosophising about how he probably can't be truly happy because he just knows too much about the nature of things did wear thin for me. Although I do appreciate how extremely Russian a character he is, sometimes I just wanted to go over where he was leaning against a wall worrying about his boots and whether the universe permits one to feel any genuine pleasure and shake him. Cheer up dude!! Go to a Black Sea resort and get some sun or at least take some Vitamin D or some melanin or something!!

Still, readable, fun and a interestingly different pov, so I recommend it.