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Bound - Donna Jo Napoli I liked this Asian cinderella tale when I was reading it. But it didn't give me any characters or situations that stuck with me after I closed the book. So much so that a few weeks back when I ran across it again here at GR I thought oh, interesting, and requested it from the library. Five pages in I thought, wait I've read this? Yeah, I had.

I still enjoyed it enough to read it again but somehow I just feel... distanced. I don't know, maybe its because the main character is so passively obedient so much of the time, which I understand, its appropriate to the setting, but I couldn't connect. She works really hard and quite creatively at times doing things that make no sense at all because she is ordered to by her stepmother and its important to be dutiful. So yeah okay, being dutiful important in her time and place. Plus what else is she going to do, go starve in the street?

But wouldn't a person at least say in their own head, hey this is dumb? Something? Where is the creativity she uses to carry out the tasks? Why doesn't it show up more in the way she thinks about her own situation? Also the prince really does swoop in from nowhere in the very last part of the book. I didn't even know he existed until the story was nearly over.