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The Water of Possibility (In the Same Boat) - Hiromi Goto, Aries Cheung, Janet Lunn I liked this enough that I will be looking for other books by this author. It was a good kids or ya book about a girl and her little brother opening a door into another world.

I liked the family; a father who is a nurse, a mother who is a novelist who wears crazy platform shoes and rude tshirts. The main character is an athlete, a competitive swimmer, her little brother has asthma and all in all it reads like a modern family. Which is a nice change up, since kids fantasy so often seems to happen in the past.

I also like that the world they travel into is filled with creatures from Japanese folklore, that's interesting and different too. Some of the creatures are really fun, charming, scary, weird. So all of that worked well for me.

What didn't work so well for me was that I felt like the plot kind of rambled and lagged at times. Also I don't quite understand what role the little brother played, it seems like he never really did anything, he was just sort of along for the ride, and then he dropped out of the story for the whole middle section, and then came back and didn't do anything again in the last few chapters.

Although there were some things I didn't like, overall I did like it enough that as I say I will look out for more things to read by the same author.