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Enlightenment for Idiots - Anne Cushman Lets be clear, if you are in the mood for some quintessential chick lit, this time about yoga, this may be precisely what you are looking for. This is Brigit Jones goes to India. Twenty something woman trying to find her feet in the world takes a commission to write a book about the ashrams of India. Travels around meeting people and making amusing mistakes while obsessing about why her boyfriend wont commit. Bing.

If this sounds like fun, you will enjoy this book. It is well written and amusing. If this sounds annoying, you will hate this book. It will be unbelievably annoying. All about what you are looking for really.

Turns out this wasn't what I was looking for. I thought I'd try something lighter after a spate of books where a bunch of people die, but this one was just wrong for me. I think I'm done being amused by self conscious girls who can't get themselves together but everybody thinks they are just so adorable falling over their feet that in the end it all works out okay. I just wanted to hit her with something large. Over and over.

Ah well.