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Children of God - Mary Doria Russell I liked it. Good follow up to The Sparrow, with many of the same virtues and vices. Among the virtues, great characters well described, attention to moral questions without being dogmatic (greatly appreciated), aliens that are really aliens, a beautifully light touch with the exposition. Among the vices, too MUCH foreshadowing, some clunky plot developments yeah I get that some of this has to happen that way thematically but I still don't buy it, and a certain effect of emotional distancing in parts.

Given that this book covers decades of activity on two different planets I think it was clever to tell parts of it out of chronological order and through the recollections of some of the main characters. It really works to pull the story into a coherent whole, but the price is some loss of emotional engagement - for example, you know the character must have survived the danger because they are telling the tale. Taken all in all I still think it was the right choice though.