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Ever - Gail Carson Levine I liked this. I generally like Gail Carson Levine she's got a nice evocative style that's still very readable and moves the story forward. I also liked that she chose to draw from a different mythology, in this case it felt sort of Sumerian, Babylonian, Fertile Crescent. I've read a few myth based stories lately that have been drawing from sources other than the more common Celtic and European stories, and I do like the variety. It doesn't get more stars because the structure didn't work that well for me. The language is fairly simple and the story is broken up into a great many very short chapters; some of them were less than 200 words; and lots of switches of location and point of view. As somebody else said, this may have been an attempt to reflect the style of Sumerian or Assyrian tales, but I just didn't get enough uninterrupted narrative to really connect and get settled in with the characters or story. I'd start to engage with something and then I'd be whisked off somewhere else. So even though there were some really great bits, after awhile I just got a little frustrated. It was a quick read so it was possible to stick it out, but at times it felt oddly like a chapter book for beginning readers.