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The Big Book for Peace - Ann Durell, Marilyn Sachs I agree with those who said this book was uneven. It also seems to me that it lacked a coherent direction or tone. Some of the stories seemed too simple for older kids and some were too frightening for younger ones so I was confused about what age group this was aimed at. Thematically it wandered; some authors seemed to be writing about how people might behave peacefully, others about how war is frightening and bad, some about how to agitate or demonstrate for political change, others retold native american stories, some gave episodes from US history. I do get that there is a common thread to all of this but it wasn't a strong enough thread to pull the book together. It felt like a bunch of very loosely related parts just thrown together. Some of the loosely related parts were charming, some were less so. All in all I felt like it needed a much stronger editor and in the end I wanted to like this book much more than I did like it.