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Food Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community - Jackie Holmstrom, H.C. Flores, Toby Hemenway I think whether you like this book depends a lot on what you are looking for going in. The author is a community activist whose central concern is convincing people to live more communally and sustainably. Its not a book about how to grow food in your neighborhood so much as it is a book about why you should. Which is fine, and good, and not what I was looking for. There are some useful tips here and there but there are also a lot of passages that go something like for example; "composting can be a great way to improve soil fertility. There are many good books on composting or you can pick up a pamphlet from the extension service or talk to other gardeners in your area." She would mention some technique or plant or idea and then just as my interest was starting to rise, she'd advise me to go elsewhere to find out about it, and move on to another subject. After awhile I just got irritated and put the book down. Its not a bad book, its just not what I wanted or thought I was getting when I read the title and the blurb.