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Metallic Love - Tanith Lee Hard to measure up to a beloved classic however well written the sequel may be. It was nice to see some of the characters again, and there were some fine moments, but it didn't capture me the way The Silver Metal Lover did. The first book was told in a first person voice which was lyrical and romantic, and Jane and Silver were so firmly at the center of the story that other things and people -however interesting- almost felt as if they only existed to the extent that they affected the central pair. Which is a pitch perfect evocation of how it feels to be a teenager in love for the first time so it was an ideal fit between style and subject. This has the same feel, that the two main characters are immovably the center of the book, the same lyricism and the same first person narrator, but Loren and Verlis are different people, less innocent and older in experience if not in years so the style/subject fit isn't as good. Still worth reading, as I say there are some very fine moments.