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All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation
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The Lost Apostle: Searching for the Truth About Junia - Rena Pederson I liked it. She clearly and very carefully lays out the case that Junia played a very significant role in the early church and then her story was lost for several centuries as the church became more mysogynist in the process of becoming more established. I learned several things about the roles of women in the first three centuries of Christianity that I didn't know before. I was a little thrown by how cautious and gentle and gradual she was and felt she over explained in places. It seems very much as if she was afraid of alienating her audience with revolutionary conclusions they were not ready for. Since I don't find the conclusions particularly revolutionary I was often left with the feeling that I wasn't really the intended audience for this one. I sometimes got a little impatient with how careful the tone was. But it was still an interesting book.