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On (Not) Letting the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

Well the days and the weeks go by and my blog is still the bog standard, blog standard? format that gets handed out to newbs.  I keep meaning to somehow make or find the time to dig up the tutorials and figure out how to make it pretty and/or clever.  And meantime I don't blog because the blog format isn't purty yet.  Because one of these days I'm going to fix it and start out right... right? 


And the days and the weeks go by and my shelves still make no sense because the import brought through the books okay but the dates read and the shelves came through all jumbled, so children's books are listed as murder mysteries, and books I read as a child are on my 2013 shelf, and ... so clearly I can't add MORE books to my shelves since the shelves still need to be organized properly... but I don't have TIME to fix the shelves because I haven't even made my blog pretty yet. 


Meantime I'm reading books the whole time which aren't going onto my shelves... And the days and the weeks go by and I'm not reviewing because I've got this backlog of books I've read but not shelved and I should really go back and review all the ones I've missed before I aaarrrggghhhh ENOUGH already!!


Its time to just stop messing about and talk. Ain't never going to be perfect so just move on along.